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Our desire is to be a church where all are welcomed, where all experience God's love,where each is encouraged to grow in the knowledge of Scripture and all are called to God's service.

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Fellowship is not just a word but an attitude with our congregation.As we live out the calling of Jesus to be faithful in this community, we find ourselves challenged to go beyond beautiful words to discover the true meaning of the Spirit of Christ in our lives.Our faith challenges us to welcome the stranger, support one another, and serve those who are in need and to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.The activities of CMPC strive to equip people of all ages with a faith that will be able to meet the demands of our lives. We strive to teach our children and youth the ways of our Lord. We serve those in our community who are the outcast and in need. The love of Christ that we have discovered in our faith has given us a Spirit of commitment to one another, our families, our children and youth, the elderly and our community. Join us, for these are exciting times for our church.